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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Us

Here are just a few of the things Armstrong & Hamrick can do for you right away:

1. Make sure you get prompt and early medical attention

2. Help arrange temporary transportation if your car needs repair

3. Handle claims efficiently at no cost - unless and until the case is successfully concluded

4. Deal with claims adjusters so you don't have to

5. Make sure you're treated fairly by insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and the court

You pay no attorney's fees, court costs or legal expenses until we successfully win you a monetary settlement.


I'm Injured
Where do I Start?

Most people have never had to hire a lawyer.  Below are 5 basic considerations: 

  1.  Do I even need a lawyer?

  2.  How do I choose a lawyer?

  3.  How do I pay my lawyer?

  4.  How long will my case take?

  5.  How much money is my case worth?